CNC turret presses and press brakes for speed and flexibility

Wrico provides high speed CNC turret punching and bending operations. Our capabilities include bending, forming and shaping parts as well as adding needed part features such as slots, knockouts, threaded and tapped holes, special marking for downstream operations including assembly and many more. The sky is the limit when it comes to adding features to your fabricated product. Wrico has the presses, tooling and engineering experience to do it cost effectively.

Flexible and fast-turnaround laser systems

If your fabricating project requires laser processing, Wrico has the laser systems, engineering know-how and experience you require. Wrico lasers cut, drill, and weld 2D and 3D parts with precision in a wide range of materials.

If your project requires design changes – no problem. Wrico is experienced with the needs of today’s fast-paced and constantly changing industries. Wrico is where you’re at to serve with speed and flexibility!

Small to medium Weldments

From simple PEM fastener insertion to robotic welding of multiple components, Wrico has the capabilities to handle simple to complex projects. Learn more about Wrico’s complete assembly capabilities.